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On the first day at the office, President Joe Biden reversed several immigration policies implemented by Donald Trump. He also revealed one of the most critical legislative proposals, i.e., the US Citizenship Act 2021, to transform America’s immigration system, particularly the scenario for undocumented immigrants. This ambitious plan aims to employ various tools to establish life, keep families together, offer orderly immigration, responsibly secure borders, keep communities safe, increase accountability, and add more transparency. This is Biden’s commitment to modernize the immigration system. The complete details of the immigration actions haven’t yet been released. Here’s a quick breakdown of the orders we know so far. 

1. Citizenship Pathway For Undocumented Immigrants

The proposed immigration reform will allow 11 million undocumented immigrants residing in the US before January 1st, 2021, the ability to apply for legal status and be considered for a green card after additional 5 years. In addition to farmworkers, DACA and TPS recipients, they will also be eligible to apply for citizenship. Specific terms and conditions must be met, including a long-standing employment record, history of paying taxes, background check, etc. 

2. Expanding Legal Immigration And Existing Immigration Channels

The new immigration bill intends to clear green card backlogs, eliminate wait times, remove per-country caps on visas, recapture millions of unused visas, and expedite the path to green cards for kids and spouses of permanent residents. It reverses the three and ten year bars that kept several families apart. This  earlier provision prevented various eligible applicants from becoming lawful permanent residents.

3. Improving Court Functions

The court delays have always weighed down the immigrants. Thus, Biden’s administration plans to advance the application processes and work on offering free legal counsel to minors as well as other vulnerable groups in immigration proceedings – which the US citizens are entitled to. 

4. Refugee Admission

To redress the injustice done under the Trump-era, the Biden administration plans to increase the number of refugees accepted each year, including putting a halt to the Muslim Ban. In fact, the bill includes a NO BAN act forbidding religion-based discrimination, further limiting presidential authority from issuing future bans.


5. Detangling Immigration Enforcement From Comprehensive Solutions

We haven’t seen Congress pass any significant measures to support and strengthen our immigration laws in the last 30 years despite authorizing over $330 billion on immigration enforcement. The new immigration bill is comprehensive and different from the previous ones. It isn’t directly tied to immigration enforcement measures, which have been the center of focus for years in all immigration policies. 

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Whenever a new president takes office, a wave of change comes soon after. The new Biden Administration has moved to undo several Trump-era administration regulations including several controversial immigration policies. Here’s a quick look at a few crucial measures he has taken so far: 

1. Ending Certain Travel Bans on Entry in the US

President Biden has revoked the 2017 travel and immigration ban predominantly put on Muslims or Africans from Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tanzania, and Yemen. State Department is instructed to develop a strategy for reconsidering visa denials while allowing those who wish to reapply, reuniting long lost families. 

2. Instructing Immigration Enforcement Policies and Priorities 

The enforcement initiatives issued during the administration in 2017 made interior immigration enforcement very severe. Biden’s executive order is expected to reverse these enforcement measures and penalties. It strives to employ provisional enforcement priorities focusing on national security threats, border arrivals, and people who may be a public safety menace.

3. Preserving and Fortifying DACA

The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security are ordered to come together and protect and fortify Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients. Biden’s proposal reaffirms DACA.

4. Incorporating Undocumented Immigrants into the US Census

Trump’s executive order on prohibiting undocumented immigrants from the 2020 U.S. Census has also been repealed. An accurate census count will avert the risk of losing out on the congressional representation as well as federal funding.  

5. Reinstating DED for Liberians

Biden’s memorandum helps prevent the deportation of Liberian refugees living in the country for many years. He has reinstated the deferment of enforced departure granted during the Bush and Obama-era. The Deferred Enforced Departure extension allows more people to apply for permanent residence without risking deportation. 

6. Pausing US-Mexico Southern Border Wall Construction

Biden has ordered a thorough check of the contracts and redirection of the funds previously allocated for construction. Instead of a physical wall, Biden wants to emphasize investing in technology-based border security. 


Biden administration centers its presidential campaign to restore America’s soul and repair. Doing so can help build systems that are more humane, fair, flexible, and workable. Biden is anticipated to continue issuing executive orders to reverse Trump’s policies and potentially pass immigration reform giving hope to all people residing illegally in the United States. To know more about the specifics of these provisions or potential immigration reforms, call us today at 858-746-9554 and talk to the Sy and Smith legal team, who take pride in addressing client’s queries and making their request our top priority.